About us

PENTON CARGO AND CUSTOMS (AUST) PTY LTD is a well established business offering a multitude of services to meet your business needs, primarily to handle a number of existing customers & to provide a good reliable freight forwarding service.

Being able to offer worldwide shipping advises for  all modes of transport with the support of our & overseas partners, we can provide the complete services for Door-to-Door package suiting your individual order requirements

We have started out with a vision to deliver exceptional customer value with a zeal for service. Our global presence with our network partner ensures that our customers enjoy a seamless service experience everywhere, every time and in every country.

At PENTON CARGO AND CUSTOMS (AUST) PTY LTD, customer experience will always be the heart of our operations. Our approach to work is simple – identify customer needs, provide timely solutions, measure customer satisfaction and improve the speed at which services are brought to the customer’s work place. We strive to achieve excellence for all our customer’s needs.

Innovation is one of our core strengths; we offer you customized options which add flexibility and value to your supply chain making us one of the most distinctive Freight Forwarding Services in the industry.

We provide all our customers with the services that they require under one roof, be in simple freight movements port to port, or managing their complex supply chains. Our resourceful team of logistics professionals, an extensive global network and strong technological backing help us handle even the most discerning customer demands.

With freight forwarding as our core activity, we have also diversified into Import/Export , customs, quarantine , landed cost and trade advises making us one of the foremost integrated Freight forwarding Companies in the world.

Since our inauguration, our client base has increased considerably. This has been mainly due to our ability to react to market conditions & being able to offer our customers the best options available, which provides value & reliability to their supply chain.

Quarantine Clearances

Our Experienced staff and licensed customs brokers have a high level of expertise in the handling quarantine clearance of cargo especially in food products.

With the on-going threat of pest and diseases imported in Australia, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Quarantine) demands a high level of involvement in the protection against illegal entry of Quarantine Related Matter into the country. Penton Cargo and customs ( AUST ) Pty Ltd ensures all clients are aware of their obligations as importers or exports , to comply with and understand the Act and Regulations that govern imported or exported goods. It is essential for importers to ensure correct documents such as permits, packing declarations ,fumigation certificates etc are received in a timely manner to allow for possible inspections and/or treatments if required. Penton Cargo and customs ( AUST ) Pty Ltd can also provide extensive knowledge in assisting applications for relevant import or Export permits where necessary.